Learn Metagrid Day 2017

Am 9. Mai 2017 fand in der Nationalbibliothek der erste Learn Metagrid Day statt.

Im Mittelpunkt des halbtägigen Programms stand die praktische Arbeit mit den Daten und die Einbindung des Metagrid Widgets auf den Seiten der Projektpartner. Die TeilnehmerInnen lernten, in Metagrid 3.0 Konkordanzen zu erstellen und zu bearbeiten, und das Widget auf die Bedürfnisse der eigenen Seite anzupassen.

Metagrid wird derzeit durch das von swissuniversities finanzierte Projekt histhub unterstützt. In den kommenden Monaten wird histhub kontinuierlich neue Services für die Vernetzung und Normierung von historischen Forschungsdaten entwickeln. Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung wurden die Kernziele des Programms genauer vorgestellt.

Public Metagrid Search Available as Beta Version


The new Metagrid search is now available to all interested users in a Beta-Version.

It allows you to search concordances integrated into Metagrid in order to find all project partners’ respective contents.

At present, problems can still occur in displaying data; we nevertheless hope that you have fun finding out more, and we look forward to your feedback to info@metagrid.ch.

You find the Beta version of the search here:


Metagrid@National Library  

nb3 Kopie

In June, a first section of Helveticat – the Swiss National Library’s catalogue – and of the Bibliography of Swiss History that was integrated into Metagrid has become accessible via Metagrid widget.

The linking of Metagrid and these two catalogues is the result of a long-standing cooperation between Metagrid and the Swiss National Library. The importance of this connection has also been expressed by the director of the Swiss National Library, Marie-Christine Doffey in the National Library’s 2015 annual report, under the title «Libraries shape the future».

The data now available consists in keywords on people who have already been assigned a GND identifier. In the future, this data pool is to be extended, and data on persons as authors will be supplemented.

Successful Launch of Metagrid


On 19 June 2015, the official kickoff of the Metagrid.ch project took place in the Swiss National Library. At the event, the development and the functions of this web-service were presented to almost 50 participants who work in the creation of editions and databases, in libraries, archives, and in long-term projects of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS).

After an opening address by the director of the Swiss National Library, Marie-Christine Doffey, who emphasised the project’s utility and the National Library’s plans for close cooperation with Metagrid, Sacha Zala, Maurizio Rossi, Tobias Steiner, and Christiane Sibille illustrated the web-service’s conceptual basis, its technical execution, and practical application.

In two subsequent workshops, participants discussed specific question about technical requirements and possible uses, and tested the editing system for themselves.

Interested projects can register as project partners on this site.